It is a very gratifying process bringing a stained-glass panel back to its former glory and seeing it re-instated. Each project is carefully assessed and resolved accordingly, retaining as much of the original as possible.

Restorations services I offer

Stained-glass windows and leaded lights

Every project is restored using the same profile lead and closest matching glass to the original.


Old rusting metalwork can sometimes be rescued by a process of shotblasting and applying rust-inhibiting primers and paints. In this way, seized-up opening lights can be made operable again.

Protective mesh guards and polycarbonate:

Powder coated stainless steel wire mesh window guards or polycarbonate protection can be fitted. All fixings are stainless steel. Where possible holes are drilled into mortar joints.

Edge bonding

Where appropriate, cracked glass can be glued together. Often this will also be plated to provide strength and protection.

Glass painting

New copies of damaged painted glass.

Copper foiled panels and lampshades

Bring your old lampshade back to life!