A wide range of glazing services are offered not only in the local area of Redditch but across the UK. From the design and creation of bespoke commissions to repairs, reports and installations.

A few of the services I offer

Stained-glass windows and leaded lights

Every project is restored using the same profile lead and closest matching glass to the original.

Edge bonding

Where appropriate, cracked glass can be glued together. Often this will also be plated to provide strength and protection.

Stone Installations

Unless otherwise specified, a hydraulic lime based mortar is used for installations into stone.

Wood Frame

Putty faced hack-outs and sash window repairs.


Stained-glass panels can be encapsulated in a double-glazed unit. In this way they fit plastic doors and frames whilst conforming to modern building regulations.

Light boxes

If there are no available natural light sources then stained-glass inserted in a bespoke, wall mounted light box can look just as good.

Bespoke commission

Commissions are undertaken for a wide variety of projects. I can work with a client to ensure an idea is brought to reality.

Installations with care…


I can work with any client or organisation to bring a wide variety of glazing pieces back to life. Encompassing repairs and cleaning, to restore specialist glass designs. Either in situ or work to remove and restore at my worksop.